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Prioritizing the Business of Security

Building Champions: Driving Security Innovation

We believe  in prioritizing the “Business of Security.”  By reframing your team’s output as a business minded product, teams can become part of the executive business strategy and impact operations on a much bigger scale — moving away from the perception of a slow moving cost center. We empower clients to influence change so they stay critically relevant.

Our Process

We start by collaboratively assessing program operations and their impact on the organization —  going beyond simply pointing out deficiencies. Clients join a vast network of professional experts with backgrounds in legal, risk compliance, security, finance and venture capital. Armed with a comprehensive strategy, ample resources and collateral,  clients are well-equipped to significantly impact their organization.

The “Business of Security” Consulting

Influencing executive leadership and getting a “seat at the table” continues to be a struggle for many security leaders that we speak with.


At Slipstream, we can help find opportunities to demonstrate relevance, drive business influence and executive presence for your security organization. We have been successfully influencing some of the largest programs in the world.


Program Maturity Modeling

We work with a wide array of clients - from technology start-ups that don’t yet need a chief security officer to longstanding energy companies that have been in existence since the 1950s. We understand that no two programs are the same, and we work within the context of your organization to help you assess your people, processes, technology, training and culture. 


We don't stop there. Clients are guided through the strategic journey of how to obtain C Suite buy-in and enhance your team's impact and influence within the organization - from where you stand now, to where you need to be in 18 months. From selecting the proper technology or recruiting resources to honing decision-making through techniques like "Red Teaming," we bring your program goals to life and foster organizational growth.

Unifying Cyber and Physical Security Intelligence

Whether you are tasked with building an insider threat program, or need to integrate workflows and systems in order to determine more actionable risk insights - we have security technology experts that have worked with hundreds of companies to determine the most suitable program applications and enhancements.


Many clients already have legacy systems and processes that can drive much more value if integrated properly. Legal, Compliance, and Human Resources all have influence on the outcome of a holistic risk mitigation program. Talk to us and we’ll figure out a plan to know where to start, how to obtain departmental approvals, and how to implement a viable plan that can serve as the backbone for your entire security organization.


A Different Approach: Work with Business Minded Security Experts

Now more than ever, security leaders must drive value and instill confidence to their stakeholders. They need to look, feel and operate like a business centric organization.

Contact us to speak with an expert and gain more insight into the Slipstream methodology for enhancing security business operations.

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