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Prioritizing the
Business of Security

Driving Security Innovation

We believe in prioritizing the “Business of Security” and empowering teams with the latest information and methods of protection. Our team of leading experts in physical security, legal, AI, and compliance ensures accuracy and adherence to regulations, safeguarding an organization’s safety and reputation from harmful repercussions.

How We Work

We work with a wide range of clients to help them demonstrate their value to the business. Through comprehensive assessments of their program operations, we help security teams:

  • Leverage their role within the larger organization

  • Identify program gaps and help create actionable solutions

  • Offer extensive resources, materials, and deeper access to professional networks to support their success

This ensures teams are well prepared to adapt to emerging changes in the threat landscape.

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Slipstream Services

We provide a variety of services to ensure teams are fully equipped to adapt to the evolving threat landscape.


With a security compliance driven focus, we help organizations to mitigate risk more efficiently, while also demonstrating value to the business.

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With the lines separating physical and digital security fading, we help design a plan that holistically addresses risk tailored to today’s environment.

We help find opportunities to demonstrate relevance, drive business influence and uplift executive presence for your security organization.

AI Compliance for Physical Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative concept in today's rapidly evolving physical security landscape, sparking security innovation across business sectors. AI can streamline operations in many ways, from gathering information and creating insights with large data sets to expediting a decision-making process, and providing unparalleled efficiencies. 


However, we are still learning about AI’s impact on physical security operations. Our goal is to ensure that proper use and compliance remain central to protecting organizations from physical and reputational harm. We provide resources dedicated to defining the acceptable use of AI in physical security to prepare for unknown threats, focusing on legal regulations, ethics, and real world best practices.

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Cyber and Physical Security Intelligence

The lines separating physical and digital security are fading, creating an elevated risk environment for either domain. With consequences becoming increasingly severe, integrating cyber and physical security systems is gaining greater importance.


Whether you need to integrate workflows and systems or need guidance obtaining departmental approvals and partnering with legal and human resources, we have security technology experts who have worked with hundreds of companies to design a plan that holistically addresses risk tailored to their organization and today’s environment.

The "Business of Security" Consulting

Influencing executive leadership and getting a “seat at the table” continues to be a struggle for many security leaders that we speak with. At Slipstream, we help find opportunities to demonstrate relevance, drive business influence, and uplift executive presence for your security organization.


It is our goal for you to be invited into the boardroom - and then stay there. We have been successfully influencing some of the largest programs in the world.


A different approach using
business-minded security experts

Effective security programs need to operate like business-centric organizations, driving value and instilling confidence in stakeholders. We equip your team with the latest information and advanced protection methods, ensuring outdated strategies are a thing of the past.

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